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​For easier e-liquid filling
26th Jun 2020
The new e-Funnel from SONE

The e-Funnel is a sales promotion concept that’s unique in the e-liquid market, making it even easier to fill SONE’s e-Flip & Click® bottles.

This reusable product is manufactured from 100% recycled LDPE – a by-product of our production process that requires no virgin plastic.

The main benefits include:

  • Quick and clean filling of e-liquid mixer bottles
  • Anti-glug design that reduces the risk of spilling
  • A ‘click’ feature secures the funnel in the dropper

Please get in touch, our friendly and experienced sales team are here to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

Samples of the e-Funnel and e-liquid packs

We can send you a sample box containing our new e-Funnel and our family of e-liquid packs;

  • The new e-Funnel
  • 10ml bottle and cap styles
  • 30ml bottle and cap
  • 60ml bottle and cap
  • 120ml bottle and cap

To request your sample box, please call us on 01207 288 167 or e-mail us.