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TPD compliance - the SONE interview
3rd Aug 2017
SONE's approach to TPD and views on the future for e-liquid packaging.

In a recent interview with SONE's CEO, Raymond Oliver, and Business Development Manager Tony Burnell, we focused on the company’s approach to TPD and the future for e-liquid packaging.

What has SONE's strategy been to ensure that its packs are compliant with TPD regulations?

RO: SONE has always kept very close to the market in order to understand its needs and of course the TPD regulations as they evolved. We’re in this sector for the long term and are committed to supporting its growth and development.

TB: It’s crucial that the e-liquid packaging we supply complies absolutely with the legislation in force at that time and that we react as quickly as we can to any forthcoming changes. This has been our customer commitment from the very first bottle we sold.

How will the company meet future demand for TPD compliant 10ml e-liquid packs?

RO: The delivery of another Novapax NSB 650/11 has increased our overall capacity for 10ml injection blow moulded bottles by more than 30%. This latest investment will introduce much needed new capacity into the e-liquid market and provide us with an improved capability to serve our growing customers with a quality product, when they need it.

How do you think legislation will develop in the future?

TB: Given the other priorities that the government currently has, it seems unlikely that there will be much, if any, change to TPD legislation in the short term. Both the industry and consumers will benefit from a period of stability.

What should we expect in the future in terms of e-liquid pack design?

RO: Undoubtedly there will be a need for new packs that continue to comply with all aspects of the TPD legislation. This will in part be driven by packaging suppliers but to a greater extent by brands as they search for new packaging designs that will drive brand awareness and customer loyalty.

TB: There will be an increase in customised packaging as the market develops. Brands will want to generate individuality in terms of style and shape, possibly with some real innovation taking place.