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​Curves or Straight – which would you choose?
28th Oct 2019
Contour and Classic cosmetic packaging ranges

Whether you are looking for a curvy shape or an elegant, straight-sided option, our Contour and Classic packs offer a wide range of opportunities for your cosmetics product.

Contour range
Our curvaceous Contour packs are available in a variety of designs and a selection of applicator options to deliver a high performance, customised product.

  • Bottle and cap shapes: Round, oval, square, convex, concave and tapered
  • Applicators: Wire brush, fibre brush and flock tip
  • Cap and bottle colours: Your choice of colour, including transparent

Classic range
The smooth, straight lines of our Classic bottles are complemented by a variety of cap styles and three options of applicator - wire brush, fibre brush and flock tip.

Caps and bottles are available in a choice of standard colours

  • A selection of print types and surface finishes
  • Fast track lead times
  • Order quantities from 5,000 packs

UK manufacture
Our cosmetic packs are manufactured at our plant in the north east of England managed by our team of experts. 

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