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A Totally Wicked celebration!
24th Jul 2019
SONE celebrates its four-year relationship with Totally Wicked

We are celebrating! It’s four years since SONE started working with premier e-liquid brand Totally Wicked to design and manufacture their e-liquid packs.

It’s the people that make the whole thing work
Both teams are convinced that at the heart of our successful relationship has been the two-way partnership that has been developed between the SONE and Totally Wicked teams.

Development and manufacture of a custom-made pack
The starting point, back in 2015, was Totally Wicked’s requirement to have a new type of pack for its e-liquid range.

As SONE’s vision is to delight customers by providing innovative solutions, this is where the journey started.

Within the design brief the pack had to be different from the standard 10ml versions on the market, with a feature that made it immediately obvious when the pack had been opened. This is key to ensuring that the integrity of the product is retained prior to being purchased by the consumer.

The SONE design team developed a solution that offered a new pack shape and an integral tamper-evident band built inside the cap. Once the pack is opened, the band falls below the bottom of the cap. The band colour is different to that of the cap, providing a clear view that the pack has been opened. The integral nature of the band means that it is retained inside the cap.

The SONE and Totally Wicked teams worked together to finalise the design and by August 2015 the first packs were dispatched. Stuart Mercer, Totally Wicked’s Operations Director said; ‘We have been delighted with the cap design and the overall functionality of the whole pack. It has been very successful in the market and continues to offer strong differentiation for our brand.’

Addition of recyclable logo
In February of this year, Totally Wicked requested the addition of a recyclable logo to the e-liquid bottle. This was added to the base of the bottle to increase customer awareness that empty bottles can be recycled.

What Totally Wicked think…
Stuart Mercer, Operations Director, said: 'The relationship with the team at SONE has always provided for the requirements of our business as we have continued to increase production volumes. The last four years have highlighted the importance of working with a trusted long-term partner, not just in the design elements, but in the all-round service provision.’

About Totally Wicked
Totally Wicked manufactures and distributes premium electronic cigarettes and e-liquid from its headquarters in Blackburn, Lancashire. The company has a strong brand presence and offers an extensive range of vaping products online and through stores across the UK.