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Innovative pack design for liquids
1st Aug 2018
We are delighted to bring you a case study highlighting SONE's packaging design and development capability.

This innovative 10ml pack was developed by SONE at the request of one of our customers. The requirement was for a design that would be totally different from anything else in the market and which offered excellent functionality for the end user.

Working from the customer’s initial design, the SONE team added value to the concept and developed this unique idea into a user-friendly pack, suitable for mass production.

To meet a tight timescale, the design, development and procurement processes were all fast tracked. SONE worked closely with its suppliers to shorten lead times whilst maximising quality and value at every stage.

The pack comprises an internal bottle with a multi-part valve assembly and an outer shell with a main body, cap and dispensing nozzle. Key characteristics include:

  • A long nozzle that allows simple, accurate dispensing
  • Two forms of child resistance: To open the pack, the cap has a squeeze and turn feature.
  • The cap must then be fitted onto the base to engage and open the valve before liquid can be dispensed.
  • Two windows on the side of the pack show the consumer how much liquid is remaining.
  • The oval shape assists handling and squeezing

Colleagues across all areas of SONE’s business were involved in the project, including those in manufacturing, quality, commercial, tooling and of course, design and development. Having multiple contacts at every level in our customer’s organisation meant that SONE became a true partner and enabled the joint team to achieve an outstanding pack in a restricted time scale.