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Poppy Sloane chooses SONE
24th Apr 2017
British-based cosmetics brand chooses SONE for its mascara pack

Launched in 2017 by entrepreneur Jacky Vincent, Poppy Sloane Cosmetics is a British brand supplying beauty products with a focus on luxury, quality and innovation. When developing a mascara product for their collection, the company approached SONE Products with a view to supplying a pack that was totally aligned to their core values.

In addition to meeting their technical requirements, it was very important to Poppy Sloane that their mascara packaging supplier was based in Britain and offered the same high level of product quality that is fundamental to every aspect of their product range.

The result is a slim line pack with a high gloss bottle and cap. The selection of brush was key to supporting the brand’s proposition to ‘coat each lash, giving the wearer dramatically longer lashes and a completely smudge free flutter’.

Jacky Vincent, Director at Poppy Sloane Cosmetics said:

‘This is a new product and we were very clear that the pack should reflect our branding and offer a great user experience. SONE helped tremendously – they were very approachable and provided a range of pack options to allow us to easily visualise the final product. We love working with them!’