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SONE supports: VApril 2021
7th Apr 2021
VApril - vaping awareness month

In support of our e-liquid customers and as a member of the UKVIA, SONE is backing VApril 2021, the campaign aimed at raising awareness about vaping.

Now in its third year, VApril is the largest worldwide campaign to help smokers successfully switch to vaping.

The VApril website reports that: 'According to One Poll research amongst nearly 2,000 adults, 72% of smokers who were aware of VApril said that the campaign had influenced them to make the switch to vaping.'

Tony Burnell, SONE’s UKVIA representative said; ‘We've been a member of the UKVIA for three years now and participate in as many initiatives as we can. This helps to ensure that we are kept fully aware of forthcoming market and legislation developments.’