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NEW! 120ml rectangular pack for e-liquids
13th Feb 2020
A new pack shape for e-liquid products

Our 120ml bottle offers all of the benefits of the e-Flip & Click® pack plus a distinctive rectangular shape.

  • A unique rectangular bottle shape
  • Dropper with large orifice for easy filling
  • Integral tamper-evident band that falls below the bottom of the cap, clearly showing the pack has been opened
  • The 120ml cap is the same as on our 60ml and 30ml packs
  • 100% manufactured in the UK
  • Reliable supply - large or small quantities

Click here to find out more about our 120ml rectangular pack.

Request a sample box of e-liquid packs

This handy box contains samples of our family of e-liquid packs, including;

  • 120ml rectangular bottle and cap
  • 10ml bottle and cap
  • 30ml bottle and cap
  • 60ml bottle and cap

To request your sample box, please call us on 01207 288 167 or e-mail us.