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E-liquid plastic bottles from one of Europe's leading manufacturers.

30ml, 60ml and 120ml e-liquid plastic bottles

e-Flip & Click® is an innovative e-liquid bottle that provides end-users with a convenient option for mixing and dispensing their favourite flavours.

Our packs offer a unique alternative for your e-liquid product with all the benefits of e-Flip & Click®.

All four packs have the same cap profile as SONE’s 10ml bottle, offering a consistent brand identity across your range. The same cap fits each of the 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottles, meaning only one SKU.

Our 10ml, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml plastic bottles are available in PET or recycled PET (rPET) and our 120ml rectangular pack is available in PETg.

The newest addition to our range is the e-Funnel, a sales promotion concept that makes filling our e-Flip & Click® bottles even easier.


The e-Funnel is a reusable product manufactured from 100% recycled LDPE – a by-product of our production process that requires no virgin plastic.

The main benefits include:

  • Quick and clean filling of e-liquid mixer bottles
  • Anti-glug design that reduces the risk of spilling
  • Fits snuggly into the dropper

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Bottle sizes

bottle sizes

Four e-liquid bottle sizes are available; 30ml, 60ml 120ml round and 120ml rectangular, each with the same neck detail.

Bottle heights:
30ml: 66mm
60ml: 110mm
120ml round: 111mm
120ml rectangular: 112mm

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Bottle colours

bottle colours

As well as clear bottles we now have a translucent black option available.

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The hinged opening is familiar and simple to use. The dropper has a large opening for easy filling. There are no parts to remove so there’s less mess and the audible ‘click’ ensures the dropper is closed.

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Cap style

The 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottles take the same size and style of cap meaning a reduced number of SKUs. Once opened, the integral tamper-evident band falls below the bottom of the cap giving a clear view that the pack has been opened.

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Cap colours

Please contact us for details of the e-Flip & Click® cap colour options.

Printed caps

Why not personalise the top of your e-Flip & Click® cap with your logo or a high impact image?

  • We can print the top of cap with a colour of your choice, to match your brand or logo
  • We can print on any colour of cap from our standard range or to match your pantone reference
  • Caps can be used with our 30ml, 60ml or 120ml bottles

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Technical specification

Bottles and caps

Bottles and caps
Fill volume Bottle height Pack height Bottle diameter Cap height Cap diameter
Pack Size ml mm mm mm mm mm
30ml 30 66 83 31 35 31
60ml 60 110 128 31 35 31
120ml 120 111 129 42 35 31
120ml rectangular 120 112 129 50x33 35 31

Dimensions are for guidance purposes only

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Custom designed packs

In addition to our standard range, we can also design and manufacture an e-liquid bottle to your specific requirements - see our custom design products or contact us for more information – we’d love to help.


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What our customers say
"After years of using all types of short fill bottles, I was happy to discover SONE. The quality and more importantly the flip-out nib is the best on the market. No more leaking bottles in the post and they look awesome as well!"
- Daniel O'Callaghan, CEO/Founder, Aldama Labs UG

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